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What is BASE?

BASE, is our new, custom and tailored dashboard solution for our clientele.

Custom Client Data Reporting

BASE is simple, BASE is custom.  Its a private and tailored dashboard that aggregates all of your data into a single place.  With a single login, our customers get to view a custom dashboard that will keep them up to speed.  Keep tight tabs on your marketing spend, conversion ratios, CPA goals and much more in a simple to use and personalized dashboard for your company.

Whats New?

  • Data aggregation across all of the sites you are advertising on.
  • It improves your daily insight into your marketing spend.
  • BASE is a custom lens that simplifies your view of your businesses online marketing effort.

Product Features

The UI experience is dynamic, elegant and friendly, data should be simple to digest and easy to understand.

Marketing effort interconnectivity and relevance as a whole.  Bringing everything together into a marketing effort that makes sense.

Layered data allows more efficient programatic buying of your media in the most efficient ways possible.

Interested in our BASE Service Offering?

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